Flux are chemical products that work on hot metals, capable of cleaning the base metal that is going to be weld, leaving it free of oxides, grease and all kinds of impurities that may not be visible on the joints, in addition, it reduces the superficial tension during the alloy in a liquid state, improving the capillarity and fluency, forming a protective coat that remains active during the welding time, and in a wider range than the one of when the alloy fuses. It is important not to over heat the flux to a higher level than the one that is specified and not to keep its work temperature for more than 5 seconds, this will result on the loss of many properties or even worse, the flux may burn. If work temperature is exceeded, some oxides and carbon may form, making it necessary to re-start the work. Cleaning it all before.

Each flux, besides having a specific interval of temperature, for what it was made for with its corresponding welding type, has an appropriate viscosity, adapted to sweep all the impurities and be able to work with no problem at opposition to the gravity at vertical form, giving an excellent fluency and capillarity inside the joints to alloy.

They are made for brazing silver, which works between 560°C to 870°C. It is used with a blowpipe, torch, in the oven or by resistor. It is used for joins with ferrous metals and copper, bronze or brass alloys.
NOTE: The product can be delivered as a paste (humid), as a powder (dry), or in bottles of ¼ Libra. ½ Libra and 6 Libra.

This kind of flux is perfect for soldering such as the 95/5 silver. It works on a range between 160°C and 290°C of temperature; it can be used with a blowpipe, torch, in the oven, resistor or electrical tweezers. It can be used on all ferrous metals and alloys having copper such as bronze, brass or copper.
NOTE: It can be delivered as a gel or as a liquid, in bottles of ¼ Libra, ½ Libra and 3Lbr.

is liquid flux for soldering of low melting point. It works between 150°C to 245°C. Suitable for aluminum joints and SILVERING Sn.Ag. Is used in all ferrous, not ferrous and white metals, except magnesium.
NOTE: It comes liquid in a 4 ounces bottle.

Powder flux, only for magnesium weld, autogenous.
NOTE: It comes in an 8 ounces bottle. Works between 510°C to 700°C.

Powder flux for aluminum welding. It improves the fluency and capillarity of the weld, reducing the melting point to half temperature, between 400°C and 590°C. 6 Ounces bottle. We suggest SILVERING AL. 100.

Powder flux only for aluminum welding. Works on a range between 530°C and 630°C. Ideal for all aluminum brazing such as the 4043 or SILVERING AL. 19, of great fluency. 6 Ounces bottle.

Liquid flux that turns into gas and is applied at the same time with the torch, showing a green color. Ideal for production, thanks to its faster application, well-finished product. It is used for brazing with bronze, silver and phosphorated copper alloys.
Presentation: 5 gallons can.

Is the only dry flux NEUTER, ecological, to weld ALUMINIUM at low temperatures without damaging the environment, non toxic, doesn´t absorbs damp, doesn´t has to be covered all time. In addition, it does not degradesn or oxidizes while welding, this is why the flux AL100 N does not requires to take off its residues from the joint after welding. It is also inert and not pollutant. It works between 530 C and 560 C, reducing the joinning temperature and improving capillarity and fluidity on ALUMINIUM joints.