Disol S.A.S was officially formed on March 10th of 1984, more than 26 years serving to the industry and commercial markets, offering integral solutions to your specific needs.

Highly specialized and leader company on brazing and soldering alloys for blowpipe of low, medium and high content. Our product comes in 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8” flat rods; shims of 1” and 3/16” wide, powder alloys, wire alloys and thread alloys of 1mm and 0, 5 mm.

The temperature ranges for soldering alloy of low melting point between 180°C to 300°C and for brazing alloy of medium melting point between 560°C to 710°C, these can be used to join copper pipelines, stainless steel, bronze. Temperate and hard tools of tungsten such as burins, reels, saws, die, discs; meshes, instruments, radiators, engines, transformers, etc.

Brazing aluminum alloys of excellent flow and capillarity of 1/16”, 3/32” and 1/18” rods. In tubular rods with built-in flux and soldering alloys of low melting point 330°C and 180°C for dissimilar joins as copper/aluminum.

In addition, we complement with other special welds for Magnesium, Antimony, Zamac and Babbitt. A wide range of flux for the aluminum, magnesium, silver alloys, special electrodes of tungsten, steel/silver and welding equipments such as the GASFLUX the flux in the flame and the Electrical Tweezers.