We also have some other special solders


Electro Steel/Silver, stainless, made for steel where a maximum resistance of 120.000 PSI is required, well elasticity, excellent welding on every kind of steel, specially on the hard ones such as steel to manganese, joint between dissimilar steels, unknown steels, where is required high quality and security, joints that tend to cracking, with big efforts, tension, vibration, compression and twist. Excellent resistance to waste caused by crushing, friction, heat and impact. Excellent resistance to oxidation. Electrodes of 3/33” and 1/8”.


This kind of welding is made for “TIG” processes or autogenous, to repair, fill or join magnesium fuse. It comes in 1/8” rods that fuse at a temperature of 590°C. Must apply FLUX Mg.


Autogenous welding for ANTIMONY and ZAMAK, self-flux (doesn’t need flux), low melting 380°C. Excellent resistance, 28.000 PSI. It comes in 1/8” and 3/32” rod. For more information


Best welding that joins any kinds of metals, white, ferrous and not ferrous with the exception of titanium and magnesium. Joins them at the lowest possible temperature, 180°C and at the higher resistance 21.000 PSI. With excellent elasticity and resistance to oxidation. It comes in rods or wire of 1/16” and 3/32”. For more information