APPLICATIONS: Brazing alloys are made of pure silver. Designed for the industry in general, industrial assemblies and production in general. Just with a drop of welding, it joins most ferrous and not ferrous metals; dissimilar metal unions such as bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel, nickel and its alloys. As well, it joins steel, hard metals, precious metals and all kinds of steel and tungsten.

USES: For joining copper, bronze, stainless steel pipelines, exposed to tension and vibration such as air conditioning, refrigeration, radiators, electrical engines, instruments, meshes, tools of high speed such as saws, burins of tungsten, hard metal, die, etc. It is Ideal as weld for production and adaptable to automation.

OTHER USES: Ideal for the join of two materials (can be the same substance or different), excellent for delicate pieces: small pieces, pieces that can support big efforts with variable tensions on precision mechanisms, jewelry, iron-works, shields, glasses, furniture made of bronze, brass, copper, iron, etc.

PROPERTIES: Low melting point joins at the lowest possible temperature (597°C), great fluidity and capillary action between narrow spaces, connecting pipes. High velocity, saving time and welding. Does not leave any kind of pores or welding wastes, excellent presentation. Does not need to bevel or create spaces to fill and sold. Leaves hermetic unions, clean and no pores. Strong unions, ductile, leak proved. Excellent elasticity and elongation. Great mechanical resistance to tension within vibration. Great ductility. It can join any ferrous or not ferrous metal. Joins different kinds of metals such as copper/steel. It is excellent capillary flow.

PROCEDURE: Clean the surface and apply the flux such as SILVERING FLUX, on the sides that will be joined. Pre heat the surfaces with a torch oxyacetylene between 1000°F (540°C) and 1.150°F (565°C), when the flux is all liquefied apply the welding with the flame in an indirect manner. Do not put the flame directly on the welding. Do not overheat the alloy. Do not use universal flux for bronze or anyone containing borax. The over heating may damage the welding.
TECHNICAL DATA: DIN 8513: 75.000 PSI – TENSILE STRENGTH JOINT ELONGATION: 32% Conductivity: 25 Temperature: 595° Celsius Specific gravity: 9.40.